Several people have emailed me after experiencing errors trying to download to their phone. Just about every case seems to be related to the N400 which appears to have problems extracting links from alerts... but enough of the technical stuff, there is a fix!

You will notice that every item on the site now has a buzzcode associated with it. This code will let you manually download the item from the browser on your mobile phone. This gets us around the problems you may be experiencing above...

How to use them:
  1. Access the site from your phone at: (you don't need the www. - you should bookmark this page so it's easier to get to next time)
  2. Enter the buzzcode you found on the website into the field provided (note: you will have to select 'number' mode to enter numbers, one of the soft keys on your phone will let you make this change)
  3. Verify your download (and select a size if it's an image)

For detailed instructions visit this link

That's it!

In the unfortunate case where you are still having problems, it could be that the item you are trying to download is the culprit... feel free to use the Feedback Form on the homepage if you run into additional problems, it helped fix this one!